Tension Control Bolt (TC bolt) is a heavy duty bolt used in steel frame construction with Heavy Hex nuts. The head is usually domed and is not designed to be driven. The end of the shank has a spline on it which is engaged by a special power wrench which prevents the bolt from turning while the nut is tightened. When the appropriate torque is reached the spline shears off.

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We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting of wide range of High Tensile Fasteners and Stainless Steel Fasteners

We are manufacturing all types of fastener products with latest technology, hi-tech machinery & equipments with trained manpower to meet the quality objectives and customer satisfaction. We are serviing various Industries globally like Oil & Gas, Critical Structure Industry, Automotive, Agriculture, Railways, Construction & Mining, Hydraulic System, Lifting, Loading, Container and many more.

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Our Strength


More Tensile Strength

Tuff tensile specifications are 10,000 psi higher - while maintaining the core hardness range.



Traceability - from its original manufacturing lot, raw material chemistry to performance test results.


THread Fillet Radius

Tuff Thread Profiles are maintained with minimum tolerance while maintaining pitch diameters for maximum thread strength.


Radiused Runout

It Provides a smooth form that distributes stress.
It prevents defaults of vibration resulting joints life.


Root Thread Form

An Tuff development that doubles the fatigue life compared to flat root thread forms.


Etching Test

The only method to detect thread laps is that random samples of rolled threads are etched in heated acid, and then examined under microscope.


Hot Forged Heads

The flow lines of the material are continuous, resulting in increased strength.


Cold Rolled Threads

Roll threading compresses the material’s grain flow and enhances fatigue resistance.

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